Our Clinics


Our approach is hands on patient contact medical clinics for the students. This experience is 100% interactive: students, patients, doctors all actively involved in the evaluation, assessment and treatment of medical conditions. We hire a very adequate staff of doctors, dentists, and interpreters to accomplish this. There is always professional supervision and active interaction. They have the ultimate responsibility for the final diagnoses and treatments. You will not just sit and watch. You will work with doctors side by side. You’ll be encouraged to do clinic work according to your abilities, training and comfort zone. This will always be with medical guidance/teaching and supervision.

We start out with small sub-groups of 2-4 students assessing a patient. As you gain experience, this is broken down to two and even one student per patient. The more advanced you are, the more quickly you move into a one on one full patient assessment mode. This is all with full doctor assistance and supervision, but letting you take the assessment and treatment process as far as you can with each patient. This is individualized for each student this

Our clinics are primarily non-surgical, as we go directly to the small village communities and set up in “non medical” buildings. Therefore, there are no true surgical facilities…however; minor lesions are sometimes excised within that setting. We minimize this, as we do not have reliable post-op follow-up. We move to new villages every 1-2 days.