On-Campus Events

@ Discover McGill
@ Activities Night
@ General Interest Meeting: Presentation of GMT McGill and upcoming trips
@ Gerts Night: April 6th, 2016 at 19 h

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIP @ Clinical Preparation Workshop

  • General formation (specific information about upcoming trip)
  • How to use a stethoscope
  • Organization of donations (medication, stickers, clothes…)

@ Montreal General Hospital

  • Opportunity to gain experience in the healthcare field
  • No bilingual requirement
  • Volunteers positions available for the Friendly Visiting Program and at the Dialysis Unit
    • The goal of the Friendly Visiting Program is to provide an environment for patients that is stress free. Examples of tasks include assisting with meals, distributing water and ice to patients, talking to patients, playing games, offering reading material and offering emotional support to patients.
    • Volunteers at the Dialysis Unit will have tasks such as playing games like bingo, offering water or juice and providing emotional support to patients.
  • Interested? Apply by sending us a small paragraph (about 2-3 sentences) mentioning why you are interested in volunteering and what makes you qualified for this position. In your email please also indicate when you would like to start volunteering (i.e. right now, during the summer or during the next school year)

@ Samosas/Bake Sales

  • Interested in giving us a hand? Email us!


  • Are you planning on taking the MCAT this summer? Are you aiming for medical school after your undergrad? This is just the opportunity for you!
  • Valued at $2300, this prep course includes:
    – 540 hours of instruction and practice
    – 300+ hours of online resources
    – 13 full-length practice tests
    – choose from convenient and across-Canada course schedules
    and much more!
  • For more information check out their website: Kaptest MCAT prep course
  • To participate:  GMT Kaplan MCAT Course Auction
    • Starting Price: $750
    • Minimum increment: $10
    • biddings are called out by making a post with the price on the event page.
    • after midnight on March 12th, 2016, participants CAN continue bidding; however, the last bid standing for 5 minutes or more is called out the winner
  • If you have any questions about the course package or bidding process, do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck!